Iran marks 23rd passing away anniv. of Imam Khomeini - English

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Iran Marks 23rd Passing Away Anniv. Of Imam Khomeini - English
  • 05-06-2012
The 23rd anniversary of the passing away of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini. Iranians from all walks of life gathered at his mausoleum southern Tehran to mark the occasion. Multitudes of mourners, among them Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians as well as foreign... Show More >>
Iran, marks, 23rd, passing, away, anniversary, of, Imam, Khomeini, death, wafat, barsi, The, 23rd, anniversary, of, the, passing, away, of, the, late, founder, of, the, Islamic, Republic, of, Iran, Imam, Khomeini., , Iranians, from, all, walks, of, life, gathered, at, his, mausoleum, southern, Tehran, to, mark, the, occasion., , Multitudes, of, mourners,, among, them, Christians,, Jews, and, Zoroastrians, as, well, as, foreign, guests,, gathered, at, Imam, Khomeini\\\'s, mausoleum, to, pay, respect, to, a, man,, who, changed, history, by, overthrowing, the, Shah-regime, back, in, 1979., , leader, of, Iran\\\'s, Islamic, Revolution, Ayatollah, Seyyed, Ali, Khamenei, addressing, a, large, crowd, of, mourners, in, a, keynote, speech, hailed, the, role, of, the, founder, of, the, Islamic, Republic, Imam, Khomeini, in, restoring, national, dignity, to, the, Iranian, nation., He, said, Imam, Khomeini, set, the, stage, for, the, progress, and, prosperity, of, the, country., Elsewhere, in, his, remarks, Ayatollah, Khamenei, said, the, U-S, and, its, allies, are, exaggerating, the, issue, of, Tehran\\\'s, nuclear, program, and, that, the, U-S-led, sanctions, against, Iran, have, been, counterproductive., , Meanwhile,, the, leader, rejected, Israeli, threats, of, military, strike, against, Iran, as, a, sign, of, the, regime\\\'s, weakness, and, warned, of, the, repercussions, of, any, wrong, action., , Ayatollah, Khamenei, also, referred, to, the, recent, revolutions, in, the, region, and, said, the, revolutionary, nations, are, seeking, dignity,, freedom, and, social, justice, through, Islamic, values., He, cautioned, against, plots, by, the, U-S, and, its, allies, to, undermine, the, wave, of, Islamic, awakening, that, is, sweeping, across, the, region., , As, the, leader, of, the, Islamic, revolution, Ayatollah, Khamenei, has, once, said, Imam, Khomeini, was, a, reality, and, reality, never, dies.,